About me

WebDev Enthusiast

My interest in web development goes back to 2007, the year when I started to run the courses of English language in Kiev. At that time, I clearly understood that I needed to have a dynamic and informative website for students I worked with.

This is no surprise that my first domain name was www.e-sh4u.narod.ru, which was meant to mean English for you. Now this name reminds me more of a password to a some kind of email, than a proper name for a language school domain. The website was located on a free hosting. All it had was one picture, one paragraph of some text about the courses with the contacts in the centre, and carefully selected light blue background with hardly noticeable texture. I remember how having been inspired by the successes I wrote an email to one of my friends web developers saying about the design and giving the link to the site. His reply was rather ruthless. “And where is the design?” - he said.

So, that very moment I understood so to say “everything” and shortly after that I was already working with a web designing company. I paid for the domain name http://english4real.com, hosting, and three hundred dollars for the design and layout of the website on the base of the CMS Wordpress. What a disappointment I got when I found out that the website was badly coded and absolutely refused to function correctly. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to tackle these issues with the web designing company, I decided to handle the problems myself. Since that time I have developed numerous different websites (including the ones that work with Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, 1C-Bitrix, TYPO3) on various projects, and the website english4real.com got into top three most visited websites of the language school in Ukraine in 2016.